Railings, Handrails & Steps

Cast Metal

To correctly fit a new flight of steps it is usually necessary to remove the handrail and any other local metalwork. We will re-fit the metal as part of our service, but occasionally the existing metal is in a poor state of repair.


Should you have damaged or missing handrail balustrade panels or railing finials we can take moulds of the existing metalwork and cast accurate copies, restoring your metalwork to best match your new stonework.

Traditional or Modern?

If you need to completely replace a set of railings or require some new build railings we can supply and fit them with one of two methods.

For a traditional appearance we will produce individual cast metal panels or rails with finials. Each of these panels or rails would be fitted directly into holes expertly drilled into the new stonework. The metal is then weatherproofed with appropriate black paint.

Alternatively we can produce modern steel railings. In this case panels are fabricated and painted off-site to exactly fit the required space.

Bespoke Design

Should you require something a little out of the ordinary our design team can help you to realise your ideas. With a range of cast metal panels and balustrades available your steps don't have to be made from stone.

Heaver Estate - Wandsworth

We have obtained the only known mould of the original Heaver railing panel design. Rather than using a crude aluminium railing system ‘in the style of’, we can restore your Heaver Estate property with traditional cast metal railings and Portland limestone masonry. Please call to arrange a free site survey. Please click here for details.