York Stone & Portland Stone

Fitting Services

It’s important to know that you’re in safe hands when you consider the implications and possible difficulties of replacing old steps with new stone steps. That’s why all of our stone fitters are employed directly – we know the credentials of each worker and take full responsibility for their work.

Every scenario

The processes involved in removing a set of steps and installing new are varied and complex. There can be pipework that needs moving, supporting walls that have lost their structural integrity or living spaces underneath the steps to consider. Our teams are able to cope with every scenario and in all weathers except the deepest of freezes when the stone becomes difficult to work with.

We understand that maintaining access to your property is of utmost importance and always ensure that you have a working set of steps by the end of each day. If there are buggies or young children in the picture we will offer a helping hand in and out throughout the working day.

Our belief that safety and quality of work are of the utmost importance has lead to English City Stone becoming London’s most well established and trusted fitter of Yorkstone and Portland stone steps and related masonry. We have the knowledge, skill and experience that your job requires, and our comprehensive list of completed works is testament to this.

Reclaimed Yorkstone entrance steps

If your property is within the M25 you fall into our standard catchment area and fitting will be no problem. We also work regularly in areas bordering London, but if you live further afield and cannot find a reliable fitter then please do contact us for a quote – we are willing to travel if the work requires it.

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