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Map showing the Heaver Estate in Wandsworth, London

Heaver Estate Conservation Area Railings

The Heaver Estate is a conservation area in Tooting, South West London. The estate is the living testament to local builder Lord Alfred Heaver and is situated in what was the grounds of the old Bedford Hill House. It was constructed during the 19th century and was known for it's red brick houses with ornate masonry and intricate wrought iron railings.


 Photograph of an original Heaver Estate railing panel and gate

We managed to source an original railing panel in good condition and have created a mould enabling us to produce new Heaver design railings in cast metal. Our railings are identical to the originals, a much closer match than the imitation design aluminium panels that have been installed in the area in recent times.


Photograph of an original Heaver Estate railing panel

Above: Our new cast iron Heaver Estate railing panel,

remaining true to the original design.

Heaver Design Gates And Masonry

Along with railing panels we also have moulds for the original gates in both double and single sizes. We can fit the metalwork into existing masonry (if it's suitably sound structurally) or into new Portland limestone coping pieces, as per the original build.


If you'd like a quote please contact us for details. Our offices are only a short walk away so we should be able to get someone out to see you quickly.


Photograph of a set of original Heaver Estate railing panels and gate

Original cast iron Heaver railing panel and gate