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Rows of York Stone ready to saw into paving


We are able to offer a variety of York Stone and Portland Stone paving products, please contact us for our latest prices.

Sawn Yorkstone and Portland Stone Paving

Mixed colour sawn Yorkstone paving

Diamond sawn and non-slip, this material is identical to that used for steps. The image shows an unusual beige-blue Yorkstone, but we can supply various single colour slabs in buff or grey York or creamy white Portland stones. Slab thickness is standardised.

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New Riven Yorkstone

Riven Yorkstone paving

Newly quarried and hand cut, providing a rougher, rustic finish. Ideal for use as paving, this stone can also be used for steps and coping pieces. This image shows mixed colour paving flags. Riven paving slabs vary in thickness.

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Reclaimed Yorkstone

Reclaimed Yorkstone paving

Often old street paving or cellar flags, reclaimed Yorkstone began life as riven paving and now has a look that only decades of weathering can provide. Reclaimed York Stone paving slabs vary in thickness.

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Paving Slab Configurations

Coursed Yorkstone paving configuration

Paving flagstones can be produced to be arranged in a random configuration (see the 'Reclaimed Yorkstone' picture), in fixed sizes to fit a particular area exactly or with one fixed length and one random length, enabling paving slabs to be laid in a coursed arrangement (as shown)

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