Protecting Your Home From Damp & Water Damage


It is important to consider the area underneath your steps when you are thinking about having new stone installed. More often than not, this area is a part of a room or a storage space which needs protection from the elements.

Two options

Although Yorkstone and Portland stone form a physical barrier between your home and the outside world neither material is fully water resistant. There are two options you can consider to deal with this issue…

Go through the expensive process of having the room tanked from the inside following the installation of the stone or

Have English City Stone install an affordable multi-layered waterproof membrane before fitting your stone steps.

Our membranes catch any water that permeates the stone and guide it away from the building. The membrane discharges the water close to or into the street and is not visible once the stone has been installed.
Our membrane system is heavy duty and flexible. It will move with your property should there be any natural subsidence, whilst keeping it damp free.